Relaxing acoustic instrumental guitar music
Acoustic instrumental guitar music by Steven Wiseman
From the heart  CD- Fine guitar music by Steven Wiseman.
"Fine instrumental guitar music with nature sounds"
Guitarist Steven Wiseman has the most unique back-up band in the
region if not in the world. Instead of using other musicians on his
recordings, Wiseman uses sounds that he has collected in nature. Becoming
a friend of John Denver's in 1982 while living on the island of Maui,
Steven became sensitive to the environment we live in and the need to
protect it. Steven Wiseman has recorded eleven CD's most of them being
solo guitar works of art, also working with other artists such
Douglas Spotted Eagle and many others.
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Maui CD. Instrumental acoustic guitar music with nature sounds by Steven Wisem. Enjoy a sojourn by bring the ambiance and timelessness of Maui into your home with this remarkable CD. Steven Wiseman a 20-year resident of Maui has recorded the unique and stunning sounds of this idyllic paradise. He combines his inspirational guitar music with the songs of Humpback whales, the voices of gentle surf, the melodies of exotic birds, the chorus of cascading waterfalls that flow through the tropical rain forests and the romantic rhythm soft rain falling on palm tree leaves. an
Steven Wiseman and John Denver. John Denver and Steve wiseman sailing off the coast of Maui. Wiseman and John Devver were friends from 1982 until 1997.
John Denver and Steven Wiseman - Maui 1982
Youtube - Tribute to John Denver
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acoustic guitar music by steven wiseman. Dreams CD, solo instrumental music download music page.
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My desire is to promote peace in our
environment, our society and in our minds.
New YouTube - Nature sounds
were all recorded on Maui Hawaii
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Click on CD cover for instrumental
guitar music samples and to order
Click on CD cover for instrumental
guitar music samples and to order
Listen to Christmas music video's by
Guitarist Steven Wiseman on YouTube.

White Christmas
Medley of 14 Instrumental Christmas Songs
Mary's Little Boy Child
Silent Night
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Instrumental guitar YouTube videos by Steven Wiseman

Enjoy instrumental guitar with nature sounds recorded on the island of Maui, Hawaii.
Ocean surf, waterfalls, birds wind and rain, songs of Humpback Whales and more. This is
the CD "Maui - From the beginning". Music by guitarist Steven Wiseman.

Nature Music:
I use nature sounds such as gentle rain, rainstorm and thunder sounds, flowing river and
waterfall sounds, relaxing waves on a beach, and bird songs in the rain forest of Hawaii.

Spa and Massage Music:
My acoustic instrumental guitar music is useful after a long day of work to unwind and
relax. The spa music, nature sounds, the sound of rain along with easy listening
instrumental guitar used in these tracks encourage ultimate relaxation. The music of
Steven Wiseman is wonderful for massage therapy, and my music will help you relax your
mind and body. My calming music is useful for mediation exercises, influenced by God
and the world of nature can enable you to go to a peaceful place.