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Relaxing instrumental acoustic guitar music. Relaxing acoustic guitar music with nature sounds by guitarist Steven Wiseman
Maui...  From The Beginning
Welcome To Rocky Mountain National Park CD - Instrumental Guitar Music, relaxing music with nature sounds.
"Relaxing Acoustic Instrumental guitar music"

Guitarist Steven Wiseman has the most unique back-up band in the region if not in the world.
Instead of using other musicians on his recordings, Wiseman uses sounds he that he has
collected in nature. Becoming a friend of John Denver's in 1982 while living on the island of
Maui, Steven became sensitive to the environment we live in and the need to protect it.
Steven Wiseman has recorded 11 Cd's most of them being solo guitar works of art, also
working with many artists such as John Denver, Douglas Spotted Eagle and many others.


A Colorado transplant from Hawaii, Steven Wiseman is recognized to be among the best
instrumental guitarists in the country. He often uses the sounds of nature to enhance his
compositions, and his nature CDs have become audio keepsakes of the places he has recorded,
such as Maui and Rhythm of the river & Welcome to Rocky Mountain National Park.

In 2001, he won the Rocky Mountain National Park
Artist in Residence Award for his nature recordings.
Welcome To Rocky Mountain Park
Instrumental Guitarist Steven Wiseman In Concert
My desire is to promote peace in our          
environment, our society and in our minds.

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Steven Wiseman & Puka. Instrumental guitar music with nature sounds.
From the heart
Instrumental Guitar Music
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Relaxing instrumental guitar music with nature sounds
Maui From The Beginning - Instrumental Guitar Music, relaxing instrumental music with nature sounds.
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Relaxing acoustic instrumental guitar music by guitarist Steven Wiseman.
Rhythm Of The River
First Light
Welcome To Rocky Mountain National Park
Wiseman & Neal - Tribute Maui From The Beginning - Instrumental Guitar Music.
Maui From The Beginning
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Relaxing Instrumental guitar music by Steven Wiseman.
Rhythm Of The River CD.  Recorded in Colorado. Relaxing Instrumental guitar music by Steven Wiseman.
More acoustic guitar music.
Relaxing instrumental guitar music by Steven Wiseman and Douglas Spotted Eagle.
Resume of Steven Wiseman
Music with nature sounds
Music with nature sounds
Acoustic guitar solo's
America's Got Talent. Guitarist Steven Wiseman known for his Guitar Music with Nature Sounds has auditioned for America’s Got Talent 9th season show. Wiseman performed instrumental guitar music backed up by the nature recordings on December 7th 2013 in Denver. Guitarist Steven Wiseman performed guitar music that was entertaining and relaxing all at the same time and will know the results by the end of February 2014.
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America's Got Talent
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Welcome, here you can listen to or
download relaxing instrumental guitar
music with or without nature sounds by
guitarist Steven Wiseman.